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Let us do the hard work for you. We can help you with your marketing strategy, graphic design, event management, and web services. We can also manage your customer base, prepare proposals, presentations, source suppliers through to bespoke project management.

Fortunately, you don’t need all the expertise in-house to expand your capabilities, you just need to “think big”. Identify your own strengths and then draw on the expertise of vBusiness to do everything else. Let’s talk about how we can work together!


Your own marketing department.

Why employ your own dedicated in-house marketing team when vBusiness can offer you a full range of Marketing Services to promote your business and build your brand. Arrange a time to discuss your requirements and we will work with you to provide a tailored package to suit.

Marketing Strategies

We will work with you to develop a complete plan of action designed to promote and sell your product or service with the aim of increasing revenue and market share.

Social Media

Target social networks to create brand awareness or promote particular products and services. A well executed social media campaign can increase brand exposure, reach new customers and engage with existing customers.

Blogs & Articles

Blogging can help grow your business. Share timely and relevant information with your readers. Your blog is a tool that you can use to establish credibility in the minds of your potential customers. A blog gets your business more online visibility and fuels SEO. vBusiness can help you create high-quality content on a consistent basis.

Email Campaigns

Communicate with current and potentials customers. A great email campaign helps you market your products and services as well as build loyalty, trust, and brand awareness.

Nurture Campaigns

Develop an automated series of emails and follow-ups that engage potential customers until they are ready to become a customer. Campaigns can also be created to onboard new customers, stimulate old leads and excite current customers.


Newsletters help draw customers into interaction with your business. A properly targeted newsletter can serve a variety of purposes, ranging from maintaining customer loyalty, boosting sales to building your customer base.

Public Relations

We can help you manage your reputation and the communication between your business, and customers utilising the media with the sole purpose of creating and maintaining a positive image as well as influencing opinion and behaviour. Activities can include but are not limited to press releases, speaking engagements, events and press kits.


Stimulate demand for your product or service, attract new customers, generate sales, and create brand loyalty. A well created special offer will raise a customer’s interest and influence a purchase and will make your product or service stand out from your competitors.

Market Research

Online Market Research is a low-cost method of gathering as much information about a target audience, product or target market as possible. Online Market Research utilises web searches, keyword searches, online questionnaires, customer feedback forms and online panels to collect important information about potential opportunities as well as your existing business.

Graphic Design.

Utilise our in-house graphic designers.

The Graphic Design team at vBusiness will ensure your message is always conveyed creatively as well as representing your brand, products or services. We create visual concepts that inspire, inform and captivate your potential customers. Talk to us about the right design solution for your business.

Brochures & Flyers

From full gloss brochures about your company, service or product, brochures for direct mailers through to one page flyers to hand out at events. We will work with you to develop the right look to suit your requirements.


Catalogues are a part of many companies’ marketing and are one of the most powerful marketing vehicles for getting the word out about products and services. A catalogue must be well designed to capture the interest of your potential customers including the right size, format, images, text and most importantly generate sales.  Catalogues can be print, online as well as interactive with links to videos and more. Let us explore the possibilities.


Newsletters help draw customers into interaction with your business. A properly targeted newsletter can serve a variety of purposes, ranging from maintaining customer loyalty, boosting sales to building your customer base.


Promote your brand with a printed or online interactive magazine. These are a great way to keep your customers, employees and stakeholders engaged. Create a magazine that showcases your company’s latest news, ideas, products and services.


Postcards are a simple way to get noticed. They are an easy way to to get your business and/or offer out to a large number of prospective customers.

Logo Design

Logo design goes beyond just graphics. Your logo should reflect your product or service as well as the personality of your company. We will help you define your brand, design and the implementation strategy across your company.

Event Management.

Let us do all the organising.

With a proven track record in event management from small intimate business luncheons, seminars, large trade events and corporate conferences, we can organise and execute every detail of your event personally. We are there with you every step of the way, from the moment we meet to the moment the event ends and beyond.


All aspects of planning including concept, budgets, permits, insurance and expected outcomes.


If sponsors are part of your event, we can create a sponsorship proposal and package to secure funding, participation and a guaranteed ROI for your sponsors.


We can coordinate everything from planning and selecting the menu,  hiring the caterers through to handling any special requirements like dietary restrictions, on-site changes, and late additions.


We can take the headache out of the sourcing and management of all third party contractors and suppliers. We can help you with Event Apps, Audio Visual, Lighting, Theming, Entertainment, Signage, Event Staff plus more.

Venue Selection

From securing the best venue for your event, confirming dates & times, negotiating contracts through to liaising with the venue from start to finish to ensure a successful event.


All well-planned events whether small or large have an overarching theme to which all agenda items including plenaries, presentations, activities, breakouts or perhaps a keynote speech are geared to. Planning the agenda to keep your attendees engaged is of utmost importance to the success of any event.


Team building activities can be used by any business, large or small, to promote better teamwork in the workplace as well as being an important and welcomed break at any event. Activities can be tailored to all group sizes, budgets and requirements.

Stand Design

From optimising the limited space in a trade booth to elaborate stand designs that promote your brand, product or service, we can assist with the design of any trade show stand.

Invites & RSVPs

Design your invites whether printed or via email and capture all the RSVPs. We can also set up a dedicated website for your attendees so they can view all the relevant information for your event.

Travel & Accomm.

We can facilitate the organisation of tailored personalised and group travel and accommodation options. From booking flights, organising transport, coordinating hotel room bookings, ensuring a smooth registration process through to tracking all hotel & travel related data, we will ensure your guests have an enjoyable stress-free experience.


Tell people about your event! Firstly decide on whether you want to sell tickets, create a buzz or both and then what event marketing plan is needed to meet your goals. The best way to do this is with a multi-faceted plan which could include social media, PR, an event website, direct mail, email, advertising,  campaign, email campaign plus more.

Post Event

Your event is finished, but post-event communications, evaluation,  analysis and reporting are an important part of any event.  We can conduct a simple report to a full review of your event including in-depth analysis of registrations, budgets, feedback collected during the event to suggestions for future events.

Web Services.

Create or upgrade your web presence.

Do you need a new beautifully designed website to promote your brand, products or services? Your website should represent your brand as well as provoke people to interact with you. A well-designed website should also be fast, powerful, secure, optimised and responsive. Once you launch your website, it’s not over. There are many other aspects to having an ongoing successful website including back-end updates, backups, ongoing optimisation, search engine optimisation (SEO) as well as content updates. Our team are there for you from consultation through to full maintenance and management plans.

To get started, ask yourself the following:

  • What objectives do you wish to achieve?
  • What message do you want to communicate about your business?
  • Who is your target market or audience?
  • What specific design elements do you want to be included in your design? Such as specific colours, images, or text.
1. Consultation

The first step in designing a new website or upgrading an existing one is to discuss your goals and objectives. Why do you want a website, what do you want to achieve? The consulting process enables us to learn more about your business, products, services, target audiences, messages, competitors as well as agree on all your requirements and expectations before we can provide a proposal. We want you to have a successful and amazing website that reflects your brand, ensures that you can be found by search engines and inspires potential customers to contact you.

4. SEO

You can have the best website but if no-one can find you then you will not be able to showcase your brand, products or services to potential customers. Part of developing your new website is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Your website should include meta tag setup (keywords, descriptions and phrases), constant analysis, sitemap creation for search engines to crawl and submitting your URL to search engines and directories on a regular basis. SEO is an ongoing process and without this service, your sites ranking in search engine results will slip down.

2. Planning

The planning stage of a new website is crucial to ensure that all expectations are met and that nothing is left out of the project scope. This stage will include a site map that shows the pages and relationships between the pages, a wireframe or mock-up to show the location of all the elements on a page and then sign off to start the coding and design of your website.

5. Maintenance

You have just launched your new website but that’s not the end. Websites need constant care and maintenance. What is a maintenance plan and do you need one? Websites need continual content updates to keep content fresh, as well as back-end system updates to prevent bugs and decrease security risks. Updates also include links checked, detection of possible problems with the customer-facing pages and immediate fixes so your website is not offline and your potential customer goes to another website, analytics & site visit reports as well as ongoing staff training and a regular BACKUP of your website. vBusiness offers ongoing maintenance plans that give you the security of knowing your website is professionally maintained.

3. Design

The design phase is where your website takes shapes. This is where we work together to create the visual look and feel and demonstrate the basic functionality. At this stage review and feedback are important and should continue until you are completely satisfied before moving on to content writing, assembly, coding, SEO, testing, reviewing and finally the BIG LAUNCH!

6. Ongoing Content

Once your website is complete you need to continue to update your content. Keeping your website up to date is one of the most important ways to attract new customers. Without new content, your website can quickly become outdated. To make this process easier we can put in place a training program so you can add content, post to a blog, update a product etc or we can do it for you.

Data Management.

Your data is your bloodline!

Ensuring that your business has the most up to date contact information is of utmost importance if you want to communicate effectively with your customers and increase your sales. A clean database impacts your marketing! If you need to run effective and targeted marketing campaigns that are personalised with lower bounce rates, higher open rates, clicks and conversions then you need the best and most recent data.

Data Cleansing

Data cleansing is identifying, removing or amending existing customer data within eg. your ERP Database or CRM.  vBusiness can assist you with the initial cleansing and put in place a plan to ensure your “cleansed” data stays that way. Data cleansing includes the validity of data, accuracy, completeness, consistency, and uniformity.

Data cleansing is a time-consuming process but is important to ensure customer satisfaction. Let’s have a chat.

Contact Management

Contact Management System is a centralised database of business contact information. It enables you to organise and find information about your customers and suppliers including names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails. All verbal and email communications can be tracked and tasks, notes, reminders can be added and reviewed.

A Contact Management System is not a Customer Relationship Management System which is more comprehensive. Speak to us to work out the best solution for you if you are just starting out or you simply need your existing contacts cleansed.


vBusiness can help you maintain your CRM (Customer Relationship Management System). A CRM is used to manage the relationship with your customers, suppliers, and prospects throughout the customer life-cycle. It allows you to schedule upcoming actions, events and meetings, create email marketing lists, segment prospects, and customers, lead management, marketing automation, analytics plus lots more.

This information is very important to any business and needs to be constantly updated so records are not duplicated or outdated. Are you utilising your CRM effectively and maximising its features? Contact us and let’s discuss further.



Document everything!

vBusiness offers a range of business documentation services to enable you to effectively communicate with employees, other businesses and most importantly, your customers.  Document development can be a time-consuming process as well as a costly one that ties up internal resources that could be used more effectively elsewhere in your business. We can review existing documentation or create new documents utilising your branding and templates at the same time ensuring overall consistency, quality and appearance.


Create a process document that outlines all the steps necessary to complete a task. Clear guidelines allow processes to be understood and standardised across your business.

Forms & Templates

Do you have (or need) standard templates that your business can use every day? Creating and utilising templates in your business ensures consistency with all the essential details included. Ready to complete templates save a lot of time and allow you to streamline those everyday work processes.

Policies & Procedures

Every company has different policies and procedures. These are principles, rules and guidelines and may include what your business expects as far as dress code, behaviours, time off, holidays, mobile phone, social media usage and more. It is a good document for employees to keep on hand to reference when questions arise about what your business allows and doesn’t allow. Do you currently have a Policies & Procedures Document?

Company Profiles

A company profile is an effective way to introduce your business to potential customers and other businesses. Your company profile is a quick look into your business, allowing others to get a general idea of what a company does or offers, its target market, its unique strengths, its track record, and whether it is a good entity to do business with. This document can be either digital/printed, short/long, include just text or be graphical and fully interactive as long as it is professional and informative. Need help putting together your company profile?

Training Manuals

Training manuals are an important part of any business as they ensure that all information necessary to perform a particular task are together in one place. Developing a training manual is an important part of designing a formal training program including new employee inductions. Training manuals serve the important purpose of providing a consistent way to communicate instructions to employees about how to perform essential functions of their jobs. vBusiness can help you develop a set of training manuals for your new employees or for those that are moving from one job in your business to another.


An RFP (Request for Proposal) can take you many hours, days, weeks to complete and can be stressful with looming deadlines around the corner. This document includes many components that can be standardised to facilitate a quicker response. We can help you set up a standard RFP document as well as edit, proof read, format and design any future RFP’s.

Specialty Services.

Nothing is too hard.

You may want to source suppliers for a project or partnership, have a presentation that you need help with, create a customer rewards program, send prospects branded promotional items or develop a lead generation program but don’t have the time. This is where our experience can help. Even if you personally don’t have time you still need to promote your business and build your brand. Arrange a time to discuss your requirements and let us do the hard work for you.

Sourcing Suppliers

Whatever you need we can find a supplier for you. Whether it’s a once off purchase or an ongoing partnership, having vBusiness sourcing on your side can save your business a lot of time and money. Make the right connections through us and get the right suppliers for your business.

Rewards Programs

It costs a business a lot more money to get a new customer than it does to sell your product or service to an existing customer. Encourage your customers to continue to shop or use your services by implementing a rewards program. Promote customer loyalty and a positive customer experience, reward buying behaviours, promote new products and services, extend your marketing reach with VIP Rewards plus more. Let’s work together on what your program may look like.

Promotional Products

Promote your business, product or service to prospective customers with giveaways branded with your logo or tagline. Branded promotional products keep your customers and prospects engaged with your brand for months even years. Include useful, unique and high-quality promotional items in your next direct marketing campaign, trade event or as a sales giveaway. Let vBusiness work with you on a creative strategy that will drive interest in your business.

Lead Generation

Identifying, attracting and cultivating new customers can be a daunting task. Qualified leads can be used to build your marketing lists or sales funnel. Find new ways to attract people to your business and potentially increase your revenue. Surveys, cold calls, direct mail, events, telemarketing, lead magnets, web landing pages, organic search results, advertising, social media, referrals plus more can all generate leads for your business. All sound too hard? Grow your business and let us develop and integrate a cohesive lead generation program into your overall marketing strategy.


Most businesses need to do presentations at some point and whether these are internal or external, it can be time-consuming and difficult if you are not proficient at using the various software packages or don’t know how to make your presentation interactive and interesting. Do you want to risk losing the attention of your audience? Create compelling presentations with us.

Bespoke Projects

Bespoke Projects - what does it mean? vBusiness is happy to discuss any project with you that is outside of our standard service offerings. Individual projects that are tailored to specific requirements are exciting and we would love to be involved. Give us a call to discuss in more detail and let’s see what we can do together.

IT Reseller Marketing.

Need help with that?

With decades of experience working with global distributors, resellers and vendors in product, marketing, and business management we can assist with all aspects of your marketing plan. We have the IT knowledge combined with the marketing skills to fully manage your vendor go-to-market strategy, utilise and maximise your vendor MDF (Marketing Development Funds), manage your distributor co-op funds, end-user communications, lead generation programs, coordinate any market specific events, end-user seminars, press releases through to full digital and print campaigns. Having worked with most of the leading IT manufacturers our experience will definitely benefit your business. Give us a call to discuss how you can utilise our specific skill set.

Vendor Marketing

To meet vendor partnership requisites, most vendors require annual if not quarterly marketing plans.  Whether you are on-boarding a new vendor or need to grow your revenue with a current vendor, we can help. Utilise our knowledge and experience to create marketing plans that not only meet individual vendor’s specific requirements but also help you meet your rebate targets by increasing sales.

Vendor MDF

Vendor MDF Programs can be complicated and can differ significantly with each vendor. Whether a manual MDF system or a full online portal, we have the experience with a large number of vendors MDF processes including online submissions, claims and meeting POE requirements.  Let’s discuss the vendors you work with and how we can maximise your MDF funds so they don’t expire.

End User Campaigns

As well as working with your vendors and distributors, you need to include end-user campaigns as part of your marketing mix to increase your sales for each specific vendor. If you have a number of vendors it is hard to focus on all and at times it is easier to focus on the ones that are the easier sale but not necessarily the best GM for your business. From customer eDMs, newsletters, events, presentations, social media, direct mail, catalogues, advertising, web plus more, our experience can help you not only increase sales but also promote a healthy margin mix for your business.

IT Comms.

Utilising IT channel specific publications (ARN/CRN) as well as end-user publications targeting CIO’s and other IT Professionals will increase awareness of your brand. These publications are a great source of technology news as well as a resource that is used to find specialists in a range of technology and market segments. Make sure CIO’s and IT Managers are seeing your brand, products and services.

Trade Events

There are a large number of IT events that you can participate in from large general IT shows, market specific conferences and exhibitions, to smaller niche events targeting markets such as Education, Health, and Government. You can’t participate in all events as they are expensive, very time consuming and require resourcing. We can work with you on an annual event plan to ensure maximum exposure for your business targeting the right event and right attendees. From contract management, utilising vendor MDF, acquiring demo products, setting up your stand, promotions, flights, accommodation, lead generation, social media and beyond, we have years of experience. Let’s have a chat about what events we have managed in the past and how we can help you with your event planning.

Distributor Co-op

As well as utilising available Vendor MDF you may be able to secure Distributor Co-op funding for your marketing effort. Sometimes it just takes the right know-how to secure these funds and this is where we can assist. Co-op funds have the same requirements as Vendor MDF such as what they can be used for, how to claim and providing in-depth proof of execution (POE). Use our experience working for and with a number of ANZ Distributors to secure your funding.

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