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vBusiness Website

Client: vBusiness

Date: 2017 - 2018

vBusiness was founded by Linda Hatzidis to assist business owners with a variety of tasks so they can free up their time to develop and grow their business.

To promote our services we developed a responsive website that outlined all our services but was easy to navigate despite a large amount of information. The vBusiness website was developed using WordPress and Divi which is the platform we use to develop all our client websites.

As a new business but with decades of experience we needed to have a simple, friendly website that highlights our experience, our range of amazing services as well as highlighting that we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional results for all our clients.

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Linda was a valuable member of our Executive team of an IT business with over 100 staff in Australia. Linda ran our marketing which did everything from design through to customer events and the amazing part is, Linda successfully ran this from another country without most people knowing. Her ability to operate within her own environment and deliver to deadlines made working with Linda a piece of cake and if you are running a business you need to be able to deliver to timelines and budgets and with Linda, we could rely on her to do both.

Justin Lowe, Director, ASI Solutions.

After working with Linda on many occasions she has always impressed me with her professionalism, enthusiasm and work ethic. Linda’s approach is pro-active, detailed and customer focussed. She has never shyed away from challenging tasks, whilst embracing new ideas. If you want something done or project managed give it to Linda, she drives outcomes!

Danny Barton, Managing Director, The Telecom Shop.

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