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How Unplugging Can Lead To More Success

Posted by vBusiness

No matter what type of work you do, taking time out from extraneous technology can make all the difference in your life. Even if you have a tech-type job, unplugging can lead to more success.

Gives You More Uninterrupted Time

When you unplug from even something small like social media or choose to only check your email three times a day, you’ll suddenly have more time that is not interrupted by someone else. That time will allow you to get more done faster because you’ll get into a flow as you work longer without distractions.

Helps You Avoid Distractions

You might think checking your email or social media won’t really take much time, but what if you read something disturbing that ruins your ability to focus? Instead, don’t allow yourself to get distracted in the first place.

Quiet Allows for Focus

When you don’t hear the buzzing of your mobile device continuously throughout the day, you’ll find that you can focus even more. If you’re not making any inroads to get stuff done, try to find a way to get the room quiet. Turn off your phone, turn off the TV and even turn off the radio. Silence really can be golden.

Improves Your Relationships

You may not realize it, but part of your success is tied up with your relationships. People you do business with, as well as friends and family, can get frustrated with you if you’re always looking at your mobile device. When you’re with people, this is one of the most important times to unplug.

Encourages More In-Person Networking

When you take away the technology, how do you connect? You meet in person. Meeting people in person is a great way to improve the trust between people. The more trust you have, the more success you’ll have.

You’ll Get More and Better Sleep

Some people tend to keep their mobile devices on 24/7. This is a terrible idea because you cannot sleep well if you’re hearing buzzing, dinging and ringing noises all night. Sleep is very important, for your success as well as your health.

Helps Reduce Stress

Today, information overload is a huge problem. If you are ever feeling overwhelmed, look to technology. Stop watching the news. Stop checking your friends’ statuses every second. You’ll soon realize you have way less stress.

Increases Productivity

You’ll be amazed at how much more work you do when you’re not being nagged by outside influences every single day. The human brain has the ability to go into “flow” and get more done the longer you aren’t interrupted.

Improves Quality

People make so many mistakes that they don’t even catch due to thinking that they can multitask. But, if you stop all that, you’ll improve the quality of your work so much that you’ll be glad that you unplugged.

Unplugging can lead to more success if you do something productive during the times you’re unplugged. Make unplugging a regular part of your day. If you unplug at least four hours a day from anything that could distract you from your money-making activities, you’ll improve your productivity exponentially.

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